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Thread: Sheenjek Info?

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    Default Sheenjek Info?

    A friend and I are planning a 7-10 day float-hunt for caribou and moose on this river in September. Anybody willing to recommend drop-off and take-out points or an air-taxi that knows the river well?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Sheenjek River

    First choice for drop off for a float hunt would be Wright Air with a Helio. They have lots of experience for the area and good pilots and a Helio will have a payload out of Fairbanks of 850 lbs (passengers and gear). Next would be Kirk Sweetsir's Yukon Air with a 185. He used to be the head pilot for Wright Air, knows the area very well and is an excellent pilot. For a float hunt on the Sheenjek River you will be dropped of most likely at Divide Mountain unless you specify somewhere else.

    That is pretty country. I have seen the biggest 'bou (over 400) and moose drops in excess of 65" in sheep country at the head waters - 8 to 12 miles from the nearest landing strip. Of course there are critters on the lower river but my personal experience is in the mountains. Occasionally there are musk ox in the upper reaches of the Sheenjek and I guess they might wander more southward. Good luck.

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    Thank you shphtr! CG

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    I've only been on the upper Sheenjek and like shphtr have seen nice moose sheds 10+ miles above the upper air strip. Often water levels are too low to start a float trip at the upper strip. It's probably pretty late to book a Sheenjek trip for this September.

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    Great place! Went last year, awesome float. Low water but was fun stil.

    I recommend Coyote Air out of Coldfoot. YukonAit would get a +1 from me as well. But absolutely NEVER Circle AIR!!
    We put in at the airstrip south of Double Mtn and took out at Koness. Allowed 10 days, but wish we would of had a few more. With the water being low the floating was slow! So paddling the whole way made for a bit of a rushed trip.


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