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Thread: Model 700 and Ruger Round top

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    Default Model 700 and Ruger Round top

    Pardon if this not the exact right place for this question, but I thought I could get a quick, straight answer here: It seems I have read or heard that a scope base (such as a Weaver type 1 piece) for the Rem 700 LA will work for the Ruger 77 roundtop, but I can't seem to confirm that anywhere. Do some of you know for sure?


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    According to the Weaver web the only std bases that are interchangable are the front and front extension. However,both the one pc and two pc Grand Slam Dovetail bases show the same part numbers for the rifles you ask about.

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    Thank you. That is what I was needing to find out.


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    Redfield and Leupold also show the same part numbers for the 700 long action and the 77 round top.

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    Thank you. I have a Leupold 1 piece for a 700 LA that I was planning to put on my Ruger round top and although the holes line up right, the rear portion appears to need some significant shim.

    Perhaps it's just some accumulated error on both the rifle and mount. I think I'll buy a Weaver type 1 piece and try that.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.


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    If I'm ever in question I call Brownells Inc and talk to one of their gun techs. If they don't know then they will go out of their way to find out and then get back to you. 1-800-741-0015


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