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Thread: Silver salmon recommendations

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    Default Silver salmon recommendations

    4 of us will be fishing the Kenai area the last week of August. We will be targeting silvers with spincast and fly rods. Could folks rank the following locations for fishing and camping experience in a motorhome rental:

    - Bird Creek
    - Russian/Kenai confluence
    -Moose/Kenai confluence
    - Swanson river outlet
    - Deep Creek campground
    - Lower anchor River
    - Homer spit fishing hole
    - Lowell point

    I have to prioritize areas that I can reasonably fish over 8 days. Will have a 12 yr old who wants fish volume and is an outstanding combat fisherman here in Michigan and a 75 yr old father-in-law who wants
    more relaxed fishing. Thanks for any info.

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    Default Lowell point

    Hike out to Tonsina creek you will get the volume. (silvers and pinks) and be mostly alone. 1 1/2 mile easy hike.


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