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Thread: O'brien to Haley Creek closed?

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    Default O'brien to Haley Creek closed?

    I just got my personal use permit and the brochure says that the trail between Obrien and Haley is closed to ALL traffic including foot traffic. I have been reading reports of people fishing the canyon/ narrows which, correct me if I'm wrong, is in that area. Is the brochure incorrect?

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    From a lawyer for the states view point, 'its closed'. Is it legal to climb mountains on State Land? I'd say yes, so consider it mountain climbing along a State Right-of-Way(also called the 'Copper River Highway'), perhaps on a four wheeler. Two Sundays ago I road a bicycle to the tunnel. I guess I didn't get the memo.
    Whatever the reason the State ain't doing no work on the road and the 'Official' status aside, people are going to use the State Right-of-Way to get to their Resources(Salmon) and short of an armed sentry they will continue to.
    The passable status(on foot, bike or fourwheeler) of the road is that way cause Alaskans did the road improvements themselves, chainsaw, pick and shovel.
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    Default Legal advice

    Are you providing legal advice about activities on state land (e.g. improving a "road", etc.) or is this just your opinion???

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    Default It is closed due to liability

    I believe it is closed so that when you die from rolling your weeler off a cliff you wife can not sue the state. I just returned and there are a lot of people rideing there weelers down to the lower limit. I would too if I did not have a boat.
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    how is the trail?

    I have a really old crappy wheeler, but it rolls... but I'd like to use it to haul my meat trailer... will that work?

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    Default Maybe not

    I went down this weekend with my 800 and towed my trailer..going down seemed pretty easy. Coming back there is a high rock at the end of the water portion (that was improved) see the previous pics, that I kinda had to jump to get over..and with the trailer it made it pretty interesting for a sec...with the 800 I had enough power that I was able throttle out of it...but if I go again with the trailer I think I will put my tracks worries with gunning and it will gently crawl over the rock and I won't have to worry about losing the trailer (at a minimum)

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    Went on 21Jun. I had a whimpy 250 with 2 wheel drive. My friend and his son had 450's with 4wd and towed a trailer. They had no trouble. I'm not an exeprienced fourwheeler. They had to help me push a few times. We went pass the tunnel and dipped a couple spots. No fish.


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