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    I purchased a 1991 wooldridge xtra plus this year and I am very happy with it but it did not come with a users manual. I am very new to boats so a manual wouldn't hurt. I wrote wooldridge but they stated that because the boats are "custom made" they do not have stock manuals. However, I imagine the basics of the manual are the same. If anyone out there has a manual for the 1991 xtra plus and would not mind making a copy please let me know. By the way, the boat is great but starting the engine cold takes quite a bit of time and patience (multiple attempts to get engine started). If anyone could provide advice in this matter I would also appreciate it, thanks

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    Default What kind of engine...

    is in your boat?

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    Default motor

    the boat has a evinrude 150 xp jet outboard

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    I had the same engine on my older wooldridge xtra plus, that thing was a beast once it was started. Sometimes it just took a few pumps of the ball and a few key turns. Once she was on, watch out.


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