Looking for Hotspots! LOL...really need to get some advice on some fishing spots or areas for these guys. We did manage on memorial day to catch a 148Lb Halibut out of Thumbs Cove and from what we heard at that time it was a little early. The people at Millers Landing helped us with the fish and were very helpful. Great staff.

I have everything needed on the boat to be successful, gear etc. I just need to get an idea how far out I will have to go to get a limit of these guys. I hear guys talking about Pony Cove etc. I can go up to 40 Miles one way but dont think I need to go that far to catch these guys. Send me an email if you have information and do not want to share it with all...some are all about keeping their grids and waypoints to themselves and not helping other..I understand...not looking for you hotspot just want to be succesful. My main concern is I have family coming up from the lower 48 in two weeks and would like to take them out. I will settle for following someone out to a point if necessary. I am sure I could just sit outside the marina and tag along..but dont want to piss anyone off. thanks to everyone that provides info.

Take a kid fishing