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    I was wondering if it's possible to show up at the dock early in the morning and being able to get on a charter boat? My wife and I will be on the kenai peninsula from July 26 to Aug. 2 . She's not interested in doing a charter but if she finds something to do for the morning and the planets align just right I would love to get out for some halibut.

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    If you can't find a spot on a smaller boat, check out Alaska Coastal Marine's half-day charters. There are almost always walk-on spots available, and your wife won't have to entertain herself for the entire day.

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    Thanks Brian, thats exactly what I was looking for. Has anybody fished with them?

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    Seems like a pretty good deal, prices are up a little bit at 105$/ person + a fuel charge though =/ To be honest you'll most likely catch the same size fish on most charters so why pay the extra 100?

    thats the updated prices,

    Have fun and good luck fishing!


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    Yes you can. You just have to be fast. As they are on a schedule.... They have some cancelation from time to. Also the big party boats seem to always have room. Happy fishing.
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    The smaller boats tend to be a bit more selective. Going out all day on a 6 pack you're looking at keeping 12 halibut. On a delta or the larger boat you are looking at keeping 36-52 fish, and if it's a half day trip, do the math on getting that many fish in a couple hours of fishing.

    Not sure about Homer, but I know in other parts of the state there have been alot of cancellations on charters. I'd just call up a few charters the night before and see if they have any openings. It shouldn't be hard to find a spot, and I know the capitans will be happy to fill up any slots they have.


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