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    Anybody with strip access information that could preclude any "local" user conflicts-which in 20A I've been there, done that. Specifically we are scheduled to (tentatively) fly out with Jim Cummins from delta, and he has asked us if we have any input to where we may want to set up. We are planning on the week of Sept 18.

    We are lifelong courteous AK hunters and just want to avoid dropping into someones perceived "reserved LZ". In years past we've tried to flag our hunt dates at the LZ to avoid such conflicts, but this years late start may preclude such an effort. This any bull tag is certainly a potential guaranteed moose hunt if there ever is for this country..............and we're not after trophys-just meat.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Sorry, DM 772

    I had the wrong hunt subunit


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