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Thread: Seal Island or Montague?

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    Default Seal Island or Montague?

    Curious if anyone has run out to there this year to try for buts. It sounds like fishing seems to be spotty this year, and I'm planning to go out of Wittier on Friday. I figure if the weather is good, and I've already to get through the tunnel, launch and park, if I have to run further for fish, so be it.

    I was planning to fish around the North/East of Knight, but if it's not happening there I'll keep going.

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    Was at Montague last weekend (left out of Whittier). Got limits on halibut both days. Around 20-25 lbs. Tried to make it to Seal Rocks (not Seal Island), but seas gradually increased from 2 ft. to 6 ft. with 3 miles to go. Turned around. Supposed to be decent seas this weekend, so I read.


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