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Thread: August Weather

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    Default August Weather

    My best friend from law school is from Wasilla and he and I are hunting floating for Caribou during the first half of August and then I am going to accompany him on a sheep hunt. Never having been to Alaska I am doing as much due diligence as I can, in order to adequately prepare myself. I am concerned about packing as light as possible on the sheep hunt and do not want to bring too much or too little clothing. Any advice on what weather I should expect would be appreciated.

    I suppose I should preface this with the fact that I have already purchased quality rain gear and some mountain pants.

    Thank you, in advance, for your suggestions.

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    Default weather

    ...its a big state...hard to predict the weather...but

    August is, generally, warm or hot depending on your personal temp standards.
    My August sheep hunts in the Wrangels (both north and south sides) and the Alaska Range have been my hottest days in my 20 years up here. Bring an extra water bottle. But on one Alaska Range hunt it rained really hard for six straight days in 2006. The Chugach is generally getting rained on quite regularly in late Aug. And you can count on August rains if your hunting the Kenai mountains.
    This is very "conversational" info...nothing scientific here...
    Bring two sets of good rain gear.

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    I've seen it hot, but I've also seen a LOT of rain in August, especially in the interior. There are a lot of threads here about rain gear if you aren't sure what would be best.

    Also, if you know where you are going, check the various online weather sites, many of them have historical information so you can see what things have been like for the last few years.

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    I've been hunting the brooks for the last 2 years, and the weather is consistent: Gorgeous the first week or two of sheep season, then it gets nasty. Snow, rain fog you name it. Try to get your hunting done as early as possible.
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    Default ditto what AlaskaTrue said

    August is sometimes the absolute hottest month in the interior. Up on the sides of the mountains it will hit 80. Hottest hunt we had was north of Tok for caribou. 80's and possibly 90's every day. The meat went in the creek and stayed perfect until we got flown out. One time we had it snow on the 9th, so you just never know. Be prepared for all extremes, but hot is probably the best bet!


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