We have a big week-end of shooting. Friday, June 20 we will hold a Mid-Range Prone match. This will be a 45 rounds for record match. Sighters will be allowed. Sign up time is 8:00 AM. Match fee is $20. Saturday June 21 we will hold the High Power Regional Championship match. This is a registered match with 80 rounds for record plus sighters and the fee will be $35. Sign up time is 8:00 AM. Sunday June 22 we will hold an EIC match. Sign up 8:00 AM and match fee $20. This will be 50 rounds with no sighters. These matches will all be at Ft. Richardson's Pedneau Range. Additional information on the matches is available on our web site or call or email me.

There was no volunteer to run the Solstice match on the evening of June 21 so it is canceled.

Lee Watne