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Thread: Anyone getting "Salmoned" out yet???

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    Default Anyone getting "Salmoned" out yet???

    Man, I've been eating kings, & not the dry kings everyone else eats over there in SC AK, but the Yukon River Kings (read:fattest king around that melts in your mouth King, when prepared correctly!) for three days straight, & I am now just polising off my second king fillet for today! & have plans to eat more king for dinner... Kings, kings, & more kings, & oh yeah, did I say Kings? Yukon King Salmon make McDonalds look healthy... :P

    I have to admit I was completely surprised when my 1y/o daughter took to kings yesterday, after seeing her at a Bday party spit some whitefish out, she couldn't get enough king from me yesterday & today she ate about an 1/8th to a 1/4 lb of slow cooked on a griddle king...& she even ate the skin, not like her mom, who won't eat fish skin! LOL!!! I was a bit taken aback when I saw her spit the fish out at the Bday party, but now my fears are allayed...

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    Default Did someone say fish oil?

    Funny you should post this.

    Had my first (ocean-caught) king salmon meal this evening in nearly two months... pan-crusted garlic-parmesan salmon! You could say I've been on a serious fresh salmon "drought" here in the PNW.

    The most celebrated king salmon meal of the year for my household is Columbia Upriver Spring Chinook... oiliest kings in the PNW that probably even rival your Yukon River butterballs. Each fish is fully savored right to the last scrap!

    I thought I'd share this post from a few years back:

    Truly amazing how delicious these Columbia spring kings really are. What a treat! But alas, all good things must come to an end.

    I have been savoring every bit of it all week... cheeks and scraps from the head and dorsal/anal fins sauteed in garlic and butter the night I filleted her up. Simple salt and pepper a couple nights later. Seared with balsamic glaze for dinner with the kids last night. Steamed Chinese style with green onions and cilantro for dinner with the girls tonight. There is no salmon that has passed my lips that can match the moistness and mouth appeal of a CR springer. All but one of my kids wholeheartedly agree... Marci would just rather have a dry flakey piece of salmon that spent the last year in the freezer.

    At the opposite extreme is my yougest, Emi, who is turning into quite the fish connosieur at the tender age of 6. Nothing she loves better than the oily flesh in the bellies and collars. As we were having dinner tonight, I reached across the table to peel away some still scale-laden belly skin from the piece of fish on her plate. She loudly protested, "NO, Daddy! The scales taste just fine!"

    From the mouths of babes....
    "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
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