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    Anyone done Crow Pass yet? I am looking for an update on trail conditions as I want to do the whole trail this weekend?



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    I did it 2 weekends ago and I know a guy who did it last weekend. There is still a lot of snow going up and over the pass from the Girdwood side, but snowshoes are not needed. You will hit areas of snow up until about 2 miles from the river and after that it is pretty clear with good trail conditions. You will have to start a half to a quarter mile from the parking lot because of a snow slide covering the road (we had somebody drop us off). Eagle River is low so fording it will be no problem. We did not see any bears on the trail from the ford to the ERNC, however, the wind was at our backs and we made a fair amount of noise. The pass was socked in when we went. I hope to do it again when the weather clears.

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    We did Crow Pass from Girwood to pass and back 3 days ago. There is a lot of snow on the upper half of the trail to the pass, and patches in the first half, but we walked on packed snow trail, so it was not difficult. We saw quite a few people hiking in running snickers all the way to the pass, but hiking shoes are better. Trail is beautiful. On the way down, the fog became so thick that for 5 minutes we couldn't locate the trail on the steepest section, about 300 feet below the shelter. That also added sense of adventure. That was our first trp to Alaska and 2nd hike while we are here.


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