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    Ran the boat yesterday up to 3000rmp, w a pcm 350 rated at 325 hp. was only able to hit 22 knts I think it is due to having a what I belive they call a flat 13 prop. boat gets up on step real quick just wanting a little more speed. it is a 20 ft shamrock weight 2800lbs, direct drive with keel any info would be greatly appreciated
    20ft Shamrock W/ CHEVY 350

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    I've got a friend with a shamrock 20 ish footer and a 350 that goes over 30 knots. So you definately need another prop

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    what do u recomend, I am open to any suggestions
    20ft Shamrock W/ CHEVY 350

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    You can get on-line and punch in the numbers for you Hp, Wt., Hull, ect and get a good idea. Sounds to me you need to look at a 14/17 possibly.


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