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Thread: Just when you thought.............

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    Default Just when you thought.............

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    Default Auntie Em, Auntie Em!!

    The sky is falling, RUN EVERYBODY, RUN!!!! Do you remember a few years back, everything that happened in the world was because of El Ninya (sp)? I couldn't get past the first few lines of the article, but now everything that happens in the world is because of Global Warming. If it's cold as hell somewhere, it's warming, if its hot as hell somewhere, it warming, I don't want to start a flameing thread of the validity of warming, but man, where does this crap end...

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    Who knows what exactly will happen in the years to come for us. Heck we may have a global earth quake, and kill millions and will be blamed on global warming.

    They say that ICK is what the Salmon have. I thought that only happens in stagnant waters, where bacteria can grow undisturbed. I could be wrong.

    There is a hidden agenda behind everything that state/fed groups do.
    Only they know why they do it, and leave us all feeling like mushrooms, and we all know what that means.....
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