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Thread: pickup/camper & trailer on Kenai's south beach?

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    Default pickup/camper & trailer on Kenai's south beach?

    How smart is it to try to drive out on this beach to dipnet in latter July with a stock Tundra with stock/street tires, a mid-sized camper on the back (Fleetwood Angler), pulling an almost zero tongue-weight-small-trailer carrying a 600# ATV and coolers and such?

    Will it make it? Been there only once, and I'm pretty sure I saw a camper or two there... This Tundra made it without ever a moment of worry last year, but didn't have the camper nor trailer. Toyota 4x4 is pretty good 4x4, in my experience... but is it good enough to do this?

    I'd appreciate any guidance; Thanks.

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    Keep it at or above the high tide mark and make sure you have a good tow rope and shovel with your gear. If you go when the tide is rolling out and the high mark is fairly low on the beach, that gives you a firm surface just above the high line to drive on. There are enough other folks running up and down the beach that it would be easy to get a tug if you stick it and you'll have more time to deal with the problem if the water is outbound. If the truck ran well in the sand without the load, you'll probably be ok. You can always dump the trailer if you had to, or just try driving on the sand without the trailer to see if the camper load is too much before you commit to running with trailer and all. Remember that the camper raises your center of gravity and you're driving on a side slope. Getting going again after you stop is the hard part, so plan your final parking spot well.

    Having said all this... I disclaim all responsibility for your venture.
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    I did it last year towing a trailer with about 1000lbs of payload and 7 passengers with my "00 Tahoe on the southside beach without getting stuck. I just followed the trail/ruts in and out.... just don't stop 'cause you need that momentum to keep you going. When I was slowing down because of oncoming traffic, I could feel the vehicle bogging down but still managed. I posted the same question last year and people said they've witnessed bigger and heavier trailers being pulled onto the southside beach. Goodluck!

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    Stay off the wet sand. I have seen cars stuck on the wet, wrecker comes out for $300 as of a few years ago and then start billing for time.
    Years ago I drove a one ton dually (learned that duallys are not for sand) with Northern Light camper down the Beach. Had to get help two or three times. Getting off the beach was the most difficult part, had to take a long run to get up the hill to the road. Thats where I got bogged down, the turn, if too sharp will slow you down and gravity takes over. Lots of people willing to help, take a long tow rope.
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    How do you get to the Kenai south beach from anchorage? Thanks

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    Disconnect the trailer when you get there,pull it with the ATV.Walk back get your truck unless a passenger can drive it for you.


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