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Thread: Any Hodgdon 870 Out There?

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    Default Any Hodgdon 870 Out There?

    Really love this stuff in my 7MM Mag, finally used it all up before I moved up last year. Would love to find some more if anyone knows where I can find some.

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    Default hmmmm

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishkill View Post
    Really love this stuff in my 7MM Mag, finally used it all up before I moved up last year. Would love to find some more if anyone knows where I can find some.
    I just checked both Midway and Midsouth, and neither lists it. They do have 869. A check of the Hodgdon site didn't reveal any 870 either, though they had this to say about 869:

    Hodgdon Powder Company leads the way again by developing an outstanding 50 BMG propellant that offers significant advantages in many magnum rifle applications! US869 is a true magnum Spherical rifle powder that is superb with heavy bullets in big, overbore rifle cartridges. US869 is a dense propellant that allows the shooter to use enough powder to create maximum velocities in cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, 30-378 Weatherby Magnum and others. US869 is superior in the 50 Caliber BMG where it yields high velocity and great accuracy with 750 to 800 grain projectiles. This is a fine 1000-yard match propellant! In addition, US869 is effected minimally by varying temperatures, a key feature for top competition and hunting accuracy.

    I have no experience with either, but this should give you something to ponder.

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    I have about a 1/3 lb of it left over from about 15 yrs ago when I was experimenting with some loads for mt 7mm Rem Mag.

    I decided to go with IMR4350

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    The 4350 works well, kind of a standard, but I got very good accuracy from the 870 in all weights and types of bullets. Besides, nothing flows better through the measure. I'm told the 1000 works well, never tried it. Guess there wasn't enough demand to keep making it so they quit a few years ago. Thanks.

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    WC-872 a millatary surplus powder is a close subsitute for H-870 as is US-869

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    You might also look at Retumbo. It's a temp stable powder, and I've read a few reports with guys having good results with the 7mm Rem Mag.

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    Retumbo has broad use in badly overbore ctgs. It is a good choice for a number of different ctgs.

    A few of these old bulk canister powders are long gone. People think kindly towards these old powders, indeed some of them set world records in the hands of bench rest competitors. Sadly it was the mortar powders that gets bought out first. These being perfect for small bore, small capacity cases.

    If you had a hundred pounds of 8208 you could post it at triple the price and be sold out within an hour. More likely on the first phone call.

    I used a lot of H-870, a lot of 5010. The ctgs that used these powders burned out barrels faster than I could keep up with. I have not missed the .264 WINCHESTER Mag. This chambering actually ate rifling faster than a .22-.250.

    I keep a few cans of the old paper cans from Hodgens around, just because of the 0.99 cents a pound price tags. I've even kept a few with the 0.66 tagged can. I hope someday when Grand Dad leaves the range, my Grand Kids will look at them and wonder.

    I lost more of the fifty powders, 4831, 4895 surplus powder. Old age of the powder finally made it into fertilizer.

    I know that some here do not like ball powders. OK. What they have going for them, is simply this. They have no know shelf life. Unlike the powder they are made from, stick powder. Nothing hurts more than to loose powder that you buy for pennies on the dollar, when you know what today's prices are.
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    I'll look into the Retumbo, thanks. I appreciate the responses and info.

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    Can you direct me to some load data for those two powders?

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    I used a little H870 in the past - burned pretty dirty with lots of residue - prob still have a can or two on the shelf, but got some amazing vel's with it. There are much better powder out there now. I am using H1000 in a 7mm STW with great results. Good luck.
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    I have around 6 # of H 870 nothing I have tried is as accurate or as fast in my 7 Rem Mag with 160 gr or 175 gr bullets.


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