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Thread: Fishing on the way to Seward

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    Default Fishing on the way to Seward

    I'm headed down next month from the Valley for the annual summer sabbatical to Seward for a couple of charters.

    I've decided this year, I'm taking my time (more than past trips) there and back to fish.

    Having in years past, not much time to get there, fish the charter and get back, everything along the highway is a blur from flying on down the road.

    Any suggestions on fishing spots not that far off the beaten path (highway) on the way down, and maybe off the beaten path (again highway) a little on the way back to fish?

    Before someone suggests buying the Highway Angler, I have it. It's still packed in storage, still waiting the completion of my cabin to move in and be unpacked. Me being cheap, I'd rather ask here then go buy another copy.

    So if you don't mind sharing the info or any info, I'd appreciate it.



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    If you like some small trout, then give Summit Lake a try. It is a nice little lake that is worthwhile stopping at (even for a whole day) and wetting a line. It has a nice campground and is a nice experience. Also, depending on the time of year, the campsites along Portage are very nice. Finally, one of my favorite places to camp and fish is the FS Trail River Camp. It is very peaceful and the fishing is ok. None of the fishing I mentioned is hot, but you will be by yourself and these are truly beautiful places that everyone would be camping at, if it were anywhere else.

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    Default Ptarmigan Creek

    gets a run of reds (can't fish for them), but lots of fun beading for dollies.
    if you have a raft with you, I'd give trail river a look too.


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