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Thread: Andreafsky river fishing

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    Default Andreafsky river fishing

    Has anyone ever fished the Andreafsky river? I have a float trip planned there the second week in July and was looking for any info anyone may have. Thanks

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    Default Andreafsky Float

    Just wondering how you are getting put-in for your Andreafsky float?

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    Default Be ready..

    I lived in Pilot Station, fifteen miles up river from St. Mary's. We would go over to the Andrefsky to fish 3 or 4 timers a year in the fall. we would fish for Grayling, thousands and some big ones 20-22 inchers were pretty regular. There are also some Monster Pike in the river eddies, sloughs and swamps just off of the river. Some huge whitefish also are present, I never caught one on a rod but saw hundreds of them hauled in nets on the lower river. And finally there are some Burbot (locals call them Lush Fish).
    Lots, and lots of bears on the upper river. We would see 1 to 5 running the river every time, makes me think there are lots more in the bushes. Most of these fish have only seen spinners and I might see one boat all day if I was lucky.



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