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Thread: Homer Halibut Status?

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    Default Homer Halibut Status?

    Has the fishing picked up down there yet? What depths are you finding them at? My wife's been bugging me to get some more of those beautiful fillets in the freezer. Thanks for the help.


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    Still slow, but I've been out a few times this past week and have gotten limits of 20-30 pounders on the humps out from Seldovia. Not the hot 'drop-yer-bait-and have-a-fish-on' kind of fishing, but still decent enough. Since I like that size fish best of all, I'm not minding it. The water has been pretty **** good too (with a few bumpy days thrown in). Not too often you see forecasts of seas 'less than 2 feet' or the ultra-rare 1 foot!

    Kings are picking up too... seen a few caught off the bluffs, and a nice white caught off Seldovia. Not to mention while I was cleaning my halibut by the lagoon, I saw at least 6 kings brought in there too.
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