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Thread: what does oxford charge for cleaning your cons?

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    Default what does oxford charge for cleaning your cons?

    I heard that oxford in anchorage would take your cons and charge a fee for cleaning them. Is this true and how clean must the cons be? classified down?

    this is my first year gold mining and i'm doing ok on the nome beach, but, we took two days to clean our cons, classify, run the minisluice, etc adn we still have some black dirt, not metal, in it...we needed some quick cash, so, I need to get probably two ounces sold for equipment, etc...

    any one better than oxford?
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    i haven't sold any of my gold yet but i did find a way to clean it that works awesome. i bought a spiral pan after i had mining and diving demo it for me. i have a few vials of gold dust form flour up that came out and was put into the cup in the center. nice machine but i use it in the winter to clean what i find all summer. not sure what they charge but went to sell an oz. i had gotten near fairbanks and they did not offer as much as i thought so i did not sell to them. had a friend sell some on ebay and got alot more for it. jeff


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