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Thread: Pinks - Allison Point - Valdez

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    Default Pinks - Allison Point - Valdez

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to paddle a kayak through pinks this July. From the 7th until the 12 I want to spend in Valdez.

    I was wondering if any of you have any ideas about where to camp close to Allison point?
    I called up Capt Jim's campground but got this answering machine. On the message it said they only have 10 spots and they dont take reservations. I dont want to drive 8+ hours to find out they dont have room for me.
    Weird because online it says they have 75 spots.

    Any other suggestions??


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    there has only been one or two campers over there. Unless people reserved in advance for pinks, I don't see a problem. The area has been greatly improved upon two years ago. Lots of parking and such. If you have a self-contained camper or such, I have not seen any no-camping signs at all.

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    Thanks Dave, I thought you would know.

    I left a message so I hope they call back.

    I know there was a thread about a few places to camp for 'free' around Valdez but I cant find it.
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    Smile Camping


    If you could not camp on the point there is a very big camground on the right as you enter town (for some reason I can't think of the name) but it is easy to see and is a short walk from the small boat harbor. It has really nice people and has LOTS of trailer parking and even a tent camping area as well. It also has a walk-in freezer for storing fish for a reasonable fee and it would only be a about a ten minute drive to Allison Point. I think its called Bear Paw RV Park? THe is also the Glacier Campground which is outside of town a little bit but not too far and it might be tent only? Hope this helps a little. I'm sure Dave knows these places better than me so he could probably provide some specifics if you need them. Anyway, I don't think you would be unable to find any place to camp. Have fun with the pinks it is impressive just to see the numbers of them when they are running.


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