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Thread: Lake Louise Lakers

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    Default Lake Louise Lakers

    I am going to lake louise in early-mid september. I have never caught a laker on a fly rod and this year I want to. Does anyone have advice on what flys to use and what weight rod to use?

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    i dont think the size of the rod matters much

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    Since the fish seem to be a bit deeper in September, I would believe that you would need a 5-7 wt rod, sinking line, 3-6 inch weighted streamer fly and alot of time.

    If I were to attempt it, I would have to locate structure (7-25 feet) near a deep hole (35-50 feet) and hope that I was there for feeding time. I would look for a mirror lake with a bright sun shining deep into the lake. I would watch for baitfish rising and cast right into them.

    If you hit it, it would be awesome. Odds are against you. Too many things that need to come together all at once. Especially on a lake that you are unfamilar with.

    Good luck,

    P.S. I have the T-Shirt..... but not with a fly rod. I hope to try it this year.

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    Default Keep it Simple

    I am certainly no expert, but I have caught Lakers on flies on Lake Louise since the late '70's, and technique hasn't really changed a bit.

    Use a 7-8 wt line , but I forgo the sinking line-- I absolutely HATE trying to retrieve those back up to the surface to recast. I use a short 5ft Jim Teeny brand sink-tip now, but back "in the old days" I used just a basic floating line, lots of leader, and weighted the leader with split shots to get it down. Troll slow over shallow 15-30ft areas near points and rocky places, and use a streamer approx 3-4 inches long as 'Dirt was tellin' ya.
    Tie up some streamers using your imagination -- something that looks like a Grayling, White fish, or small baby Lakers.

    Most times you'll catch 'em trolling, sometimes when the Zen is just right you can get 'em casting and strip-retrieving. It will take patience, tho. You'll get to know Mr. Skunk on a very personal basis. But-- it does happen...they WILL bite. Eventually.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ak char View Post
    I am going to lake louise in early-mid september......
    September is spawning time for lake trout in Southcentral.

    Read this. It will give you some info on their habits at this time of year.


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