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Thread: Kennicott/Chitina/Copper Rivers

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    Default Kennicott/Chitina/Copper Rivers

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a float hunt for moose in '09 when a friend and his son come up to hunt. Has anyone floated this combo of rivers down to Chitina starting below McCarthy.
    I was wondering how the river conditions are in the fall, hunting possiblities and what the land use situation is in the area. I think most of it is national park/preserve so one of my stops will be the ranger station in Copper Center.
    Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    I'm floating the entire Chitna this August. PM me August 18th and I'll let you know what we saw and how the river was.

    I've read a lot and spoke with several guides about hunting this area. The consensus seems to be that it's not a very good place for moose. I'm not sure why. I read that most of the good moose habitat is on the S. side of the river - which is National Park Land (no hunting). Apparently there used to be really good sheep hunting in the area, but the guides have badly overhunted them. I'll be trying for sheep, but I'm not overly optimistic.

    Good luck.


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    Default Moose are up on benches

    You would be way better off floating the rivers on the North Side of the Wrangells.
    There are moose in this area but they are at relatively high altitudes on benches that are well inland from the rivers. Chitina is a Glacial River and moose don't hang on the oxbows as they do on other rivers.

    A very good rafting/Hunting trip would be floating the little Nelchina to Tazlina Lake and then taking a kicker to get accross the lake. Hunt the lake and then float the Tazlina River down to the Richardson.

    Somepeople claim that there are good moose south of Chitina on Copper above Miles Lake but the brush is a problem and you have to know how to get above treeline to hunt benches as well since moose have a latter rut down in this area.

    I would also look into floating down Jack Creek, then the Nabesna River and then finally down to Tok Junction on the Tanana River. Water levels could be a problem on this float but it would be good.

    Finally, My very favorite pick for a float would be to take in at Kobuk or Shungnak and float all the way down to Kiana and have Leesee Air Charter you back into Fairbanks. Caribou and Moose. Locals get ticked if you make a mess but if you are getting Moose they care less.


    Lots of Luck,


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    Those are some Dangerous rivers there.....I wouldn't do it.

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    Kennecott, Nizina, Chitina & Copper are far from dangerous rivers to float. Actually, this is more like a beginners trip as far as the rafting part is concerned. The water is fast, but not rough. And unless the water level is very high, there are no surprises. The splashiest part is the put in on the Kennecott, and the largest waves are in Abercrobmie Rapids, but only if the water is high.

    It's a nice float/camping trip, and one I will be doing again in a couple weeks, but it's not such a good hunting trip. I would second the Little Nelchina to Tazlina for a hunting trip, but the first few miles is tight, shallow and full of sweepers. Once into the Big Nelchina the trip is fine.

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    There is no nonresident moose season in unit 13.

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    Default Info.

    Thanks for all the info.
    Zeb, I will email you this fall to find out how it went for your trip.
    Jeff, hope your trip is good and if you can will you post some comments on this thread when you get back.
    I still may have to hunt this area for moose and take my chances.
    AKDD, tks for the info too but I'll be hunting that part of unit 13 that's in unit 11.
    Kaboku, I like the Tazlina lake area but don't know it well but I may consider that an option too.
    Again, thanks for the tips.


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