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    Hey guys and gals I have a hunt planned on POW next spring and was wondering if there is anywhere to donate bear meat cause I think you have to take it in the spring RIGHT? I love bear meat but with the cost of shipping and airline bagage I don't think we will be able to take it all back? Thanks


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    First suggestion is to wait a year. Save up so you can ship your meat, too.

    There was just a thread on here with all sorts of ideas for good stuff to do with black bear meat. A quick search should find it. Why miss out on remembering the hunt every time you and your family pull a black bear roast out of the freezer, or munch on some pepper sticks hiking at home?

    Bear meat is also harder to donate than deer/moose/goat/fish/caribou. It's tough to give it to the needy because food banks can't legally take it.

    So, if you can't find a way to dig deep and take all that meat home, set up arrangements in advance with someone to take the overage. Try calling the Alaska Native Brotherhood/Alaska Native Sisterhood (Camp 14 in Ketchikan, Camp 9 in Klawock, or Camp 19 in Craig.) Maybe get in touch with the Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska if they have a Ketchikan office that knows of a needy elder. The Salvation Army runs a soup kitchen in the Gateway City - they can't take it themselves, but they can probably give your name to a needy family. If you call well in advance of your trip, you might have that family get in touch with you personally.

    Last note - although unnecessary for most - is that even meat you plan to give away has to be treated as well as you possibly can. Every now and then a hunter will offer a haunch of hairy, dirty, or even sour meat to charity and seem perplexed that they don't get a giant thank-you. I doubt that's you, since you're setting up options in advance, but these posts live on so I thought I'd mention it for when one of 'those guys' Googles up this thread.

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    I've checked coolers with meat, I've carried on coolers with meat. I've carried on a skull actually. I'd bring the meat back, overall, it doesn't add that much to the price of your adventure. Just get it frozen, if you plan for that now it will be easy.


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    You are only talking 150# of meat off of a big bear. That's just three small coolers if you have to stay under the 50# weight limit. On Alaska Airlines that is $50 per excess bag for up to of $150.. I imagine you can handle $150.

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    Thanks for all the info and don't get me wrong I love bear meat and would love to take it home the thing is there are 4 of us going and if we all get one thats 600# of meat I'll have to check into it more cause like I said I would like to bring it home!!



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