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Thread: Sako 995 300 Win Mag?

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    Default Sako 995 300 Win Mag?

    I am in the market for an elk/mule deer rifle. I have several questions. I found a Sako 995 in 300 Win Mag with a Bausch & Lomb scope, but I don't know much about the model or if it will suite my needs. (Sako website doesn't list this model). I am hunting in N. AZ and will be taking longer shots (3-400yds) with 180 grain Nosler. I am concerned about the recoil. Was shooting a 30/06 Ruger, but sold it to trade up. Is the 300 Winnie a good caliber for what I need. Is this a good make and model? Is this the right bullet? What can I do to reduce the recoil without going deaf. Please help as decision time is near...

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    I have killed my share of elk in northern Arizona, I never found a need for anything more than the 30-06. On the other hand, I had better results with the .257 Roberts and the .250-3000.

    But what the hey, I'm all for the guy that wants to try something new.

    I just want to find a combo that did it all. You know, dress them, pack them out and cut and wrap them. If your results are like that, please post.
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