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Thread: Spinner blades & halibut

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    Default Spinner blades & halibut

    Anybody ever try rigging a large spinner blade in front of their bait while drifting for halibut? I haven't, but am thinking of giving it a try.

    My idea - at least for now - is to fashion a beefed-up rig almost identical to the spinner rigs used for walleyes back in the Old Country: a super-sharp bait hook, followed by several glow-in-the-dark beads, then a clevis and spinner blade, all mounted on stainless wire. The bait hook would be sweetened with either a whole or strip of herring. Let the rig ride in back of a sinker and let the tidal currents wop, wop, wop the blade as it drifts near bottom.

    Anybody else tried this? Thoughts to share?

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    I have used large spin n glows with success. There is only one way to find out. Be sure to post some pics.
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