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Thread: JUst a thought on Eggs

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    Question JUst a thought on Eggs

    Is it possible or does the state want eggs taken from slamon, trout, etc,

    When I catch reds i dont keep the eggs, while I dont keep Rainbows if some one does and it's a female, could the eggs be turned over to the state for their use??

    I dont know if it's possible to keep the eggs on ice ,in water ????

    I was just thinking what a waste of eggs, Thats up to how many salmon?? Alot.

    Would the state be able to use them in a hatchery?? If so it would help save time and money if we were able to donate eggs.

    Just wondering !!????
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    They would have to be mature eggs. I don't think most people keep salmon that have been in fresh water that long.

    Salmon eggs are a valuable comodity many people will take eggs if you don't want to keep them.

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    It is almost sickening the amount of spawn we throw out every year. We used to keep it all, but after the 6th 5 gallon bucket, it gets to be too much.
    Can't seem to use 30 gallons a year, mostly use yarn eggs. I dumped 5 gallons down my ice fishing hole once, and had every trout in the lake in a feeding frenzy! That was something to see!

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    I would guess that the state would be more inclined to want to milk the eggs out and fertalize the fish immediately. If I don't need the eggs generally there is someone on the river who is happy to take them off my hands for me. I seldom have to ask if anybody wants the eggs more than once.

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    So. I'm confused on how eggs are used for fishing. Are they just threaded onto the hook as bait?

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    I wish there was some way we could legally bring the eggs down here to michigan! the first time i came up there, i collected a 5 gallon bucket, with the thought of bringing them home. best whitefish bait we can get around here... also steelhead and silver spawn is great fo steelies, coho, and kings here too. when i found out how much it would cost to get them home, i donated them to a trash can. you could start curing and processing them for shipment and sale to those of us in the lower 48 who cant get spawn. make a couple o million bucks to pay for the gas it takes to catch them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chauvotsm View Post
    So. I'm confused on how eggs are used for fishing. Are they just threaded onto the hook as bait?

    This is one way

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    to keep them in the skein so that they stay on the hook better - sticky and a bit dryer than most like them makes for easier handling when fishing - but everyone has their preferences.


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