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Thread: Anchor or Kasilof

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    Default Anchor or Kasilof

    I am heading down the KP after work tonight.....deep creek choked my chicken last weekend and by george it ain't happening this weekend. I need my King cherry of the year popped!

    Which would be better to bonk a King on this weekend? Was thinking of trying to hook up at Anchor and then move back to the Kasilof to try for a hatchery fish then to the Russian for reds - or maybe even stay at the Kasilof for a red.

    I guess 1 more ? on the Kasilof - is it better to fish the crooked creek rec site, or the tustumena lake cg? Can you walk from the Tustumena lake cg down to the upper kasilif river state recreation area? (guess that was more than 1 more question).

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    Default Not sure

    about the hike to tustamena.
    A little early for reds in the kasilof. Im sure there are some in but not a great fishable number.

    Kings- I would hit anchor, then go elso where. Keani Had a good amount wed. Sonar was just over 900 for the day.

    Either way you will be fishing and so will I,

    Good luck
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    Default Anchor

    Go to the Anchor, good fishing.

    Here's the last two times.
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    Marc Theiler

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    Default nice

    Nice kings! Were you sight fishing for them?

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    Nice fish!!

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    The peak has come and gone in the Ditch, but still should be plenty milling around the CC area ...

    Remember that nearly all the fish enetering the system right noe will only go as far up as a few holes above CC, so few, if any, will be milling around the lake outlet area. As a note for those thinking about ever doing that ... lots of bear activity there later in the summer, so be on your guard


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