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Thread: leave the carcass in the bait station?

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    Default leave the carcass in the bait station?

    Seeing what anyone's opinion was on leaving carcasses from bear kills in the bait station or dragging them out a ways.

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    Default Gut it where it lies

    I gutted mine this year where it died. Checked my camera 4 days later and had bears hitting bait every day after I shot my bear. Oh yeah, and the gut pile was gone when I checked. I am hunting the site again this evening, so we'll see what happens.

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    We left a bear carcass on a bait 1 year and the bears picked it clean, even after it turned green. Leave it and they will come.

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    Default my experience is..

    not good. If I leave guts or carcass, bears seem to shy away for a day or more before resuming activity. Not sure what causes that here, but it happens pretty consistently.

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    Default Mine

    Mine from the 8th, as I went back in to clean up the station it was moved 6-8 feet back into the bushes. Should not be any brown bears where I am so probably a blackie did it. Othes critters benefit too. Eagles, ravens, martins, wolverines...... they all come to the dinner bell. Ding dong, the bear is dead ......

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