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    I've biked halfway down Eklutna Lake twice to go sheep hunting and canoed around there a bit, but I've never wheeled all the way to the end.

    My 8 yr. old youngest daughter was begging to go for an overnight camping trip and we decided to hit the Eklutna Lake trail with the wheeler and the trailer Monday afternoon. Yes, it's not that challenging, but the views are still awesome and the riding is easy so the 8 yr old can drive a lot of the way. We spent the night back at the first campground you come to past the end of the lake (I forget the name). It has an outhouse and four campsites with firerings and tables.

    After setting up camp we explored the mouth of the Eklutna River and the Bold Airstrip. There is lots of room for kids to run around down on the sandbars at the mouth of the river. Plenty of room for frisbee and football.

    The next morning we continued up the road to Serenity Falls and beyond. There we saw really nice billy Mt. Goats and several Dall rams above Serenity Falls. I had bought my daughter a new set of binos the day before and she was really excited to get to use them on something. At the end of the trail we hike into the Eklutna Glacier valley to look at the glacier. Be careful on your hike in, the trail can be a little treacherous and my little girl gave me a scare a couple times.

    All in all it was a great time spent with my daughter. The Eklutna Lake and valley is a treasure just outside of Anchorage and is easy to do in a leasurely one day ride. Great for kids and other new riders. If bicycles are your thing it's an ideal mountain bike ride. It is probably the cheapest overnighter you can do from Anchorage...way better than sitting around watching T.V. The only downfall is the Sun-Wed days the trail is open to ATV's. If you don't work these days it's ideal.

    On a side note. The speed limit is 15mph. We encountered several groups doubling this speed and two guys at least trippling the speed limit. I enjoy fast riding myself, but this isn't the place to do it. It's a park that happens to still allow us access. Let's keep it that way. Other than the speeding the public has been doing a great job back there. I found virtually no trash at all.

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    I was just saying to my husband that we should go to Eklutna this Sunday. By the way AKDOUG, not heading up Caswell this weekend so i will stop by maybe next week. Thanks for the report, we have never riden at Eklutna.

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    The big cabin at the end of the trail can be rented by the bunk for like $10 a night. It is really nice, and might make for a great time with some like minded strangers.
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