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Thread: Too big of a Kenai King

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    Default Too big of a Kenai King

    Just my luck, after 5 days in PWS bear hunting in the rain (no bear), 2 days of fishing on the Kasilof (one 12# king that my nephew caught), I just happen to latch onto a nice size king in the Kenai River. We have a tug of was for about 5 minutes and finally net the fish. My buddy instructs me not to pull it out of the water, we have to measure first. There is a slot limit, he explained, but it is new to me. Anyway as you might have guessed, this fish was in the slot. It measured 47", certainly my largest fish and my first king salmon in Alaska. We were all excited to see a big fish like that but if anyone saw a grown man cry on the Kenai last Saturday, it was me when I released it. The Fish and Game lady checking us out at the launch afterwards had a chart that estimated the weight at 45-54#'s. It was the highlight of the trip. I know this sounds like a fish story, heck I could not even get a picture of the beauty in my hands although my nephew did get one in the net, beside the boat, but it doesn't give it justice. Any one else latch into some big kings on the Kenai??

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    Default Dont feel bad


    It is a great thing to release those big Kings.

    There should have been more of that 15-20 years ago and there would be more of those monsters now.
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