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    Default trail cam

    Well after letting the bait go dry for almost 3 weeks due to a brownie camped out on it, I rebaited on saturday to try to get my dad one before the season ends and the action is hot, I have 4 different blacks working it. 2 are pretty small but 2 a bruisers.
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    Default a few more

    I hope these guys show uo tonite
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    Default good luck!!

    I bet those brownies have moved on to moose calves. Godd luckl, hope all that work pays off!

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    Default need any help...

    Need any help shooting all those?

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    Default bear down

    Well we hunted last nite and dad took one wasnt one of the big ones but a fine bear pretty coat and will be a good eater.

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    I had a similar experience a few years ago. So many brown bears that I said forget and let the bait go dry. Went back at the end of the season to pickup barrel and there was black bear sign all over! Kick kick kick!
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    Cool beans. Any photos?



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