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Thread: Factory SRH case, TSA approved?

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    Default Factory SRH case, TSA approved?

    Anyone know if the factory case my Super Redhawk came in is ok to use as the hard case for flying? It does have the hole for a padlock.


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    All I've been told is locked hard case. If you're really in doubt, take the empty case out to the airport and ask them.

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    I flew with the factory case from Ruger in March with no issues.

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    It is basically at the whim of the TSA guy. If he/she is an antiguner scumbag they will may you go through all sorts of humiliation and harassment. This happened to me at the Detroit Metro airport. I had a rifle case with one padlock and zip ties on the ends through the ATV mounts. The scumbag antigunner TSA pansy-ass had no idea what an ATV was, or why there are holes on a rifle case for them, and determined EVERY hole in the case needed to have its own padlock. No debating them, they think they are mini-God's. If you put up a fuss they will cause you miss your flight. So.. I had to run down to the airport convenience store and buy two more padlocks while my wife and infant stood waiting at the TSA counter and as the countless mindless drones gave us dirty looks for having a gun...
    According to the regs however, yes, all you need is a hard case of some sort... Ammo can go in the case with the gun too, and it need not be the same caliber as the firearm as long as it comes in under the airlines weight limit (50lbs for Alaska). Good luck.

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    Default Detroit not AK

    I'm not surprised you got hassled in Detroit, but I sincerely doubt that would happen in Alaska, at least not yet. Brothers, let us pray and reload.

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    Thumbs up Print the regs

    You can fly with the Factory case. With that said I would put the locked case inside another piece of checked luggage (with TSA locks on the luggage). I have had no problems with this setup.
    Depending on the airline (or the person at the counter) you may or may not be allowed to have ammo in the same case as the gun.

    ****Print out the TSA regs and your airline regs and take them with you to the airport (I put them in the gun case).**** If you whip out printed regulations they usually shut up because they don't want to look stupid (usually too late).

    FWIW....I have never had any problems when flying with a full size rifle case, only small pistol cases.

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    Default oh it happened in AK

    Sent a gun with a friend to FBKs with a friend, got thru Anchorage, no problems with one padlock. Coming back the boys in Fairbanks made him buy two other padlocks, and told him that they would re-evaluate it. Needless to say their crack squad of commandos changed shifts while he was at the gift shop buying padlocks, and were confused when he came back. getting indignant with these guys doesn't work, like another said will just make you miss your plane, but they really need to read their own regs and stick with one standard.

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    Thanks for the info. I printed the regs from the TSA website and will bring them with me. Looks like the factory case should be ok.


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    Once upon a time, in a Galaxy far , far away. I had six rounds of .44 mag ammo in my pocket that the airport Nazi confiscated before they would let me board an in-state flight.

    Ever since that happened I have gone to the airport to fly out to a hub airport, I have carried six rounds of .44 ammo, compressed loads of Bullseye and 245 grain bullets. I just hope they did not get thrown away.

    As for the extra holes in the case, tell them you have a rodent problem.
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