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Thread: Reds on the Upper Kenai?

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    Default Reds on the Upper Kenai?

    Has anyone tried to fish for reds bound for the Russian on the Upper Kenai in the last day or 2? I'm thinking with the low fish counts on the Russian so far that maybe intercepting some on the upper Kenai with the drift boat might be an option. Your thoughts?

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    Default same idea

    I was thinking about trying the same thing this weekend. Let me know if you have any luck.

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    Default hmm

    i was there when it opened up on the 11th fishing for trout of course... but as always i kept tagging into reds.. i know they are there, when we went through the smaller channels you could see them zooming right on by. i wouldnt say they are in their thick, but they are there. you might try the middle kenai, i imagine that would be a lot mor productive right now.

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    The fish are there, it may take you a little more time to catch them, but they are there. I limited out in an hour and a half fishing on the bend, below the confluence then did a suicide run the following morning and limited out again in about 2 hours. What ever you decide, good luck.
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    Guys have been catching quite a few incidental sockeye on K-16 Kwiks and huge globs of eggs in the lower river the past few days... way more than usual.

    Daily king counts in the 900-1000 range for the past 3 days are likely "polluted" with excess sockeye.... I'm sure the sonar crew delayed publishing Thursdays number to better scrutinize the data and filter out all the ecxess sockeye "noise".

    Yeah, there's a bunch of them moving thru there, as well as thru likely spots in the midddle river. The Russian should be smokin' next week!
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