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Thread: Any Tips for kings inside Resurrection Bay?

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    Default Any Tips for kings inside Resurrection Bay?

    I have trolled a few times for kings down at seward this year with not much luck. Anyone have a few tips to increase my odds. General areas and techniques, depth to catch them and such. Thanks. I have a hot spot for halibut in the bay if someone wants to give up their hotspot for kings

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    Default Seward weekend

    I'm headin' down to Seward for the weekend as well. It will be my second time in my new boat (new as of last year) - little, 17' Almar Lite - used, but strong. Anyway, my wife and I hooked up with halibut and silvers last year. Halibut in the narrows and silvers against the shore near the dock. But I haven't tried for kings. Your guess is as good as mine. You might try mooching? I've found success when trying to find the depth.

    Good luck

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    Fish it just like you would a lake....seriously; work the points such as Caine's and Callisto, and the cliffs along Cainshead. If you are going with a buddy, try one downrigger at 50 and one at 75 in about 120 feet of water. Keep moving them around in the water column until you find the sweet spot.Troll slow - around 2mph or even slower if you can. I always use green lures down there after experimenting with all common colors. Green just seems to work the best. Also, a chunk of herring on the end of the lure seems to make the package more appealing to the fish. Also, don't forget, if your fishfinder says that there is nothing beneath you - believe it and move somewhere that there is. Once you find them, keep working them until you have your limits.
    Good luck and tight lines


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