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    Hey all,
    I drilled a few holes in some select places in my interior cabinetry and found water, I stopped right there and purchased a moisture meter to help with the investigation. They can be very accurate, but they can also be deceiving. In the past I have used one, after cutting an investigation hole it was found to be very dry and not at all what was indicated on the meter. The meter itself is very precise, interpretting the information and deciding the most sensible action is another story. I understand the moisture issues with fiberglass boats thus my concern, my boat is very nice and I want it to stay that way. I would like to compare vessels basicly, if anyone is interested, with the readings I am getting on my boat to what the readings are on another. With a comparison of two boats, they both might be in relatively the same shape and get like readings or vastly different readings. Two Sea Sports in like condition getting two comparable readings might ease the minds of both owners or opposite readings might prompt one to cut into their boat.

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