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Thread: seward this weekend halibut near rugged?

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    Default seward this weekend halibut near rugged?

    will be hitting seward this weekend. Anybody fished by rugged island yet? Any luck? and those salmon whats the best way to do that? reds? kings? thanks

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    Default Mary's Bay

    Fished Mary's Bay at Rugged last Friday with 2 bait rods down and two jig rods. All I did was lose a nice double hook bait rig with a light that is now blinking there for the next 2000 hours.

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    dont tell me that...that is not what I wanted to

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    AK Dude -

    I have done ok on the bay side of the islands in the last few weeks. But they have been deep 260 - 320 feet...... I did catch a 40-60 pounder in the Narrows about three weeks ago towards the islands and it was a fighter. I was a little disappointed to see it wasn't a huge hog, but the one I caught was a pretty good bay butt'. I don't know about you, but I am thinking it is about time for a trip out to Cape Junken and Johnstone Bay.

    I did not try for salmon and did not see anyone that was land one in the near vicinity. Yet, it is getting to be about time to get out the downriggers and give that a shot.

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    Default Mary's Bay

    We fished the bench outside Mary's Bay two weeks ago and found NOTHING - not even an arrow tooth. We even went deep on the drift to 400'.

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    Default May's Bay

    We fished Mary's Bay Saturday at the tide change, about 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. This was after fishing Fox, and Bulldog all day in the rain. Only one small chicken all day prior to Mary's. When we got to Mary's Bay we drifted on the East side of the Bay from the seal rock to the tip. Started in about 180' and ended in 260'. We picked up 4 chickens from15 lbs to 30lbs, 3 cod, 4 arrow tooth and one skate.

    Went back on Monday to Mary's Bay, drifting the same area and picked up 3 more chickens and nothing else.

    It seemed most of the action, slow though it was took place at tide change and in about 220'.

    We used jigs and bait (circles). Nothing on herring, all bites on octopus. Tipped the jigs with octopus as well. About 50/50 catch ratio bait to jig.


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    awsume...tolman I will be bad with my spelling that is great info I think that we will try that and we got another place we like to go as well just before hive that has produced in the past thanks again...

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    Default Rugged Island

    Fished there a month ago (friend did i watched), in a 4 hour period caught a small "Yellow Eye". This is after fishing in the west side lagoon and moving to the east side of the island where he landed and released the Yellow Eye. May be headed back in the vacinity soon. I think ill actually fish this time.

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    Default just got back from seward..

    we fished for about 9hrs on sat. went to the narrows and fished for 2hrs came up empty. went to the back of rugged and still nothing. went across the bay where some charter boats were fishing just before pony cove and still nothing. the weather turned sour and we came back towards port. started trolling at caines head and only saw a handful of fish come across the screen. oh well i guess theres always next year...

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    Default Sat. and Sun.

    Sat. 3 of us with limits and Sun. 5 of us with limits on H-Butt. Out near Notoa and Beehive. Largest 25# and smaller, good enough for me though One yellow eye that waS 34" long and 32" girth
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    we fished near rugged and caught 5 small halibut. 240-260 foot it was slow but we did catch a few.

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    One thing for sure: Seward is rarely red hot for butts, and the fish that are caught are seldom huge. It seems the secret to fishing it is to fish the tides (when it is flowing) and fish as close to the Gulf as you can to get the best action and largest fish. Some days, it beats the heck out of going all the way out, burning a ton of fuel which nowadays translates into a ton of money, and catching the potential big ones. I will admit though, if I am down there and the weather permits, you will find me east from Seward fishing many of the various Capes and points at around 20 fathoms as that area has great fishing. I can't wait till the next time I head down, but it will be a couple of weeks

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    We were skunked along Mary`s bay and Rugged Is. last weekend too. Fished from 200-300' w/herring, cod, salmon, and jigs...just a couple arrowtooth. The weird thing was catching huge (10lbs) yelloweye and black rockfish inside the bay. We burned too much fuel for a dozen rockfish though.


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