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    I know that this is Fairbanks directed but Beaver Sports has a 30% off sale on Men's Sportswear.
    I purchased a pair of Marmot Scree pants for 63 dollars when they are 90 dollars retail.
    The sale runs through Father's Day.

    Beaver Sports is one of the few Sporting Goods Stores that was based on an Alaskan family that liked to hunt. Jim Whisenhaunt died last year and his son Greg took over but they are very welcoming to hunters. They sell everything for suggested retail but they are a good local business and I believe that we should support local stores as well is find the cheapest things at the box stores.

    I thought to pass this on.



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    Default Beavers

    I like Beaver Sports too, they've always been good to me, and very helpful, despite the fact that we hunt...lot of sheep hunters I have seen in there buying gear.

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    That stinks.
    Wished I read this much earlier. We would have done more Father's Day shopping over there.
    I completely agree with you, though, too... that it's best to serve the local businesses that serve us as well!


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