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Thread: Hard Top/Aluminum Rack

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    Default Hard Top/Aluminum Rack

    I know this subject has been discussed in months past, but I was wondering if I could trouble you gents with it one more time. I have a soft top on my boat, which works great, but I would like to install either a hard top or an aluminum rack right over it in order to mount a small radar unit and carry a small raft. I remember more than one person giving a recommendation for a fellow out in Wasilla, but, naturally, I didn't write it down, and, with a memory like old fly paper (nothing sticks to it), I promptly forgot. So I would much appreciate any suggestions.

    And, speaking of radar, I'm inclined to go with the Furuno 1623 (about $1100 online), but noticed the Koden 7" 2kW Color Radar for about the same price. Does anyone know anything about the Koden? I know the Furuno is a proven device, the JRC is no longer made, but the Koden is a mystery to me.

    Thanks in advance!

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