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    Sorry to vear off of the topic of bear hunting, but has anyone heard of how hard the deer were hit in the sound this last winter? I've been tossing around the idea of a hunt on one of the islands for this fall. Anyone have a favorite one? Kodiak is a fun one to hunt with pretty good numbers, but I don't have enough vacation time to burn quite yet. I will have to go a bit closer for a longer weekend hunt.

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    Preliminary reports from bio's earlier this spring was the Sound's deer really suffered from the long winter/late spring. Reports of deer "stacked up like cordwood on the beach" dead were bantied about.

    The euphemism being passed around was deer that didn't die in the 2006-2007 winter, did in the 2007/2008...

    Deer are very adaptive creatures, but early comms so far, have not been good.


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