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    Im new to jet boating.I have a 21' jetcraft and was wondering how it is to launch out of Deepcreek or the Ninilcheck river. I know there is a mud/gravel launch at the Ninilcheck harbor. Never seen anyone use it though. Is this a good place to pratice or should I go to Homer harbor? What time of the tides can I get back in? How is the Deepcreek launch? Thanks for any info. Ol'Glenn

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    Default Launching Jet boat.

    Im asuming you have'nt taken it out at all yet and have absolutley no excperience with a jet at all. I would'nt try putting in at a creek for you first test drive. A lake is your best bet to figure out how it handles and for you to get experienced with how to manuver a jetboat. It does take a bit of skill and practice, would'nt recommend taking it out of homer either with no experience or you may find yourself in a bad situation. Hope this is helpful in your decision and good luck with your boat.

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    a 24 foot prop boat put in before high tide - the water is fairly deep, and slow at the put in. You would want to walk the outlet at the mouth good at a low tide - in waders probably, to see where the rocks are.

    I watched the coast guard try to come in just before high tide in a little rubber boat (fiberglass bottom I assume) and they backed off and waited for high tide and then came in on step. A jet boat should be no problem, but you should find the obstacles first.


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