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Thread: Organic pesticide for white mites/aphids?

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    Question Organic pesticide for white mites/aphids?

    Our basil crop has been invaded by some tiny white critters -- must be some type of aphid or a mite? It looks like they have laid a bunch of eggs on the leaves that don't really wipe off.

    Does anybody have any tips or recipes for an organic pesticide? I've heard of using dish soap mixed with water and spraying it on the plants, but I don't know if any old dish soap will work? Anybody have any ideas?



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    Dish soap and water will work maybe a teaspoon per mister bottle.

    another is to soak a whole clove of crushed garlic in three cups of water for two days then add either soap flakes a half cup or just shave up a half a bar of regular soap shake it up untill the soap is dissolved and strain mix this one to one with water and chill the unused portion.

    For non food plants such as perennials shrubs or trees soak 1 lb of crushed or chooped ruhbarb leaves ( they are poisnous so no drinking the water ) for 30 minutes dilute with another gallon of water and spray onto foliage.

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    Thanks! I put some dishsoap and water into a spray bottle, then threw in some of the liquid juice out of a big jar of garlic and coated the plants really well last night. After about 15 minutes I sprayed them again with just plain water (I didn't know if I should rinse the soap off?). It looks like it has worked! The only aphids that I saw this morning all appeared to be dead.

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    Default Try som heat on them

    I use soap w/ some cyanne pepper, I do not rinse mine off.


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