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Thread: Koktuli Water Level

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    Default Koktuli Water Level

    Does anyone have any info about the water levels on the Koktuli? I'm planning on floating it next week

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    Default River levels

    I talked to the Dillingham Fish and Chips.. or I mean Fish and Game yesterday about water levels for the Mulchatna drainages and also the Nush drainages. He said they are all up this year due to lots of wet weather this summer.
    We talked about the Moose hunting along the above mentioned river and reminded me that the area is open to non resident hunters except for the final two miles of that float is restricted to the two mile corridor distance from the confluence of the Mulchatna.
    He said that many of the rivers that have the two mile corridor hunting restriction for non residents will be better for Residents, as this will force all non residents into float or boat hunting the unrestricted rivers.
    He said he was fielding calls daily from Non residents and residents alike for information on water levels etc.


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