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Thread: Hunting after bait is gone...

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    Default Hunting after bait is gone...

    I have a question I dont know how to answer too. Can someone after 15 June and all their bait is up and gone, still hunt in the same tree stand where their bait used to be? Along the bear trails? I am sure the answer is no, but dont have any regs in front of me.

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    Yep! As long as there is no bait present, that means not even a kernel of corn....or a piece of dog food.
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    Default Page 27... Equipment

    Quote Originally Posted by Greenbrier View Post
    ...still hunt in the same tree stand where their bait used to be?
    I think the key is in the quote above.

    Page 27 in the 06/07 Hunting Regs:
    "You must remove bait, litter, and equipment from the bait station site when hunting is completed. This includes any contaminated soil."

    My interpretation (and that's all it is)... You could hunt the area... but you would either hunt the ground, or you would need to bring in your tree stand.

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    What area? As long as the season is still open. The moved the closure for 6D back to the same day as baiting ends. It used to be June 30 in PWS.

    As others stated, Yes, you can still hunt as long as the food is gone, the barrel and anything contaminated by food or grease. You can still hunt from a treestand to.

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    I'm sure the lawyer-types won't be able to stand it. They'll have to lobby the BOG to "do something" to make sure somebody isn't "unethical"...........

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    Too bad brown bear season is closed where I'm at already. Already pulled my bait and this could have been a good option for getting a friend a brown bear since I have a surplus of brownies in my area this year again.

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    Griz are different.... you can not knowingly hunt griz that have been influenced by bait.

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    Default insert...

    picture of guy beating dead horse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern View Post
    Griz are different.... you can not knowingly hunt griz that have been influenced by bait.
    If there's no bait in the area, how can it influence a grizz or any other bear?

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    Default Reasoning...

    After reading the post of "insert guy beating a dead horse" I wanted to tell why I asked this question. When the bait site was established there was a trail that ran beside the side of the mountain, that also ran along side a creek. I makes for almost a perfect natural bottle neck. We have harvested 3 bears from this stand this year and several others the years prior. I did not know if with the bait gone, if it would be OK to stand hunt, much like whitetails when bait used to be in that area.

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    As long as all your bait is and equipment is gone you are good to go. If you made a grease pad that needs to be cleaned up as well.

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    Default No grease pad...

    The only thing that has been used are donuts. Thank you for the info.

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    Getting information about the law via an internet hunting forum is about like getting a medical diagnosis over the phone. Your best bet is to call your local Trooper post and ask to speak to who ever handles the fish and game violations, if they don't have an AWT assigned. Once you get an interpretation, I recommend writing down the date, time, and Trooper's name you spoke to, in case you get stopped by a different Trooper later.
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    Default I wasnt commenting about your original post.....

    it was northerns post, that is getting old on this forum. Every post about black bear hunting turns into someone giving great advise about not hunting influenced grizz, and then it begins.

    If your bait is removed to standard, than you can hunt there. Tree stand or not.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future hunting endevourse, and am sure you are smart enought to do what is both legal and ethical.


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