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Thread: XD .45 sights

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    Default XD .45 sights

    I bought a Springfield XD .45 a couple of months ago. Does anyone know if the sights are adjustable? I took it to the range and lined up the 3 dots center mass on the target and was hitting way left and low. It is my first handgun and I have very little experience with handguns. Any help would be appreciated.

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    If it's your first handgun I would recommend having a more experienced shooter take a crack with it first. It's possible the problem isn't gun related. Low and left from a right handed shooter sounds like your snatching at the trigger and pulling them or flinching at the shot.
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    Take a look at the above target diagnostic chart for some idea of possible problems. There are many charts like it on the web.

    I agree with K9Cop about your possible flinch and/or jerking of the trigger. I have three dot sights on most of my guns, but
    I find that if I really am concentrating on tight groups I do better when I focus on the very top edge top the front sight. Try dry fire practice with a unloaded gun making sure you squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze the trigger and the gun stays dead on target when the hammer falls. The three dots I use for super fast shooting. (Less accurate)

    Have fun and be safe.

    Of to the range for me. Trying out a new gun today!


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