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Thread: Hewitt Lake Access off Yentna?

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    Question Hewitt Lake Access off Yentna?

    Can anyone with any knowledge of using inboard jet boats tell me if it is possible to access Hewitt Lake with something along the lines of a 21" ThunderJet? We are looking for remote property up the Yentna, which would still be accessible using a large inboard jet during the summer months, as it is a given that virtually anywhere up there is accessible by snowmachine in winter. Just trying to find waterfront accessible property, using the big heavy jet we now use. Any help here is greatly appreciated, only from "those in the know" and have or do "actually do it", not from other's "who just hear they think you can". We tried to access Fish Lakes Creek up past Northwoods Lodge last weekend, and where told beyond there is no place for a big boat...even with the water high! Again, thanks for all the great info and help shared here...

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    No help with your current question but how far up did you make it to Fish Lakes Creek? I was considering taking my 17' Wooldridge Alaskan up there to check out a property (probably the same one you were headed toward) but don't really care to burn the gas if I can't get in.

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    Yes you can get that boat in. Even barges with outboards and props make it through the channel, most of the time. It has been a while since I have been in there, but there were no problems then. Now, at the price of gas, that is a long,long run for a recreational cabin or camp.

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    I've been to Hewitt Lake in a 20' Alumaweld sled, 175 hp. jet.

    The access is a very small, narrow, shallow slough filled with logs sticking up at all kinds of angles.

    If you come off step, you won't get back up, and the logs might then be trouble. If not on step, the shallows when you come out into the lake will be trouble.

    If somebody else is coming out when you're going in, both on step, you're both in trouble.

    Nice pike in there, but that's it. As far as I'm concerned, it ain't worth the potential trouble. I'll fish it in the winter if I just have to get in there.

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    A fellow I work with lives there and when I visited last summer there were big jet boats there, but he was telling me that it gets low at times and everyone gets stuck some time or another.

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    I've only run it once but it is an easy run up the's a vid of the run...there is only a little bit of footage of the slough and then us coming out into the lake....the footage was shot at 1am last June....The water was not really too low but it was low enough that I didn't take the short cut from the Su to the Yetna that day and I'm not afraid of shallow water...

    the slough starts at 1 minute 39 seconds into the clip....
    pull my finger....

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    Default life is a beach !

    Don't for get your water skis, it a great lake to water ski on.
    it does pull the back of the wooldridge around doing hard cuts.
    Be careful in the creek lots of blind corners!


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