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Thread: Any good lake fishing yet? Places to go in Matsu?

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    Default Any good lake fishing yet? Places to go in Matsu?

    I usually dont fish rainbows this time of year in Lakes. I gave it a go at florence lake last weekend. Caught two little rainbows in a couple of hours. Anyway, think Ill bypass the salmon this year and concentrate on discovering some new lakes.

    Last year I did florence (pretty good), x lake (didnt catch anything but saw a couple of bruisers) and a lake in Talkeetna (talkeetna lake?) I did pretty good there. And I fished Lynn lake, again no good.

    I'm open to tips or lakes to try out. My wife will probably thank you most of all as Im sure she is getting pretty bored!

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    so are you looking for C&R or places to keep fish... For places to keep fish use this list

    for places to catch and release big fish look for c&r lakes, they all have ginormous trout.
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    Default Lake Louise

    The ice is out on Lake Louise. If you want to catch a real fish I'd go there right about now.
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