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    Made the first trip down to Ship Creek this morning (6/9), bought my derby ticket at around 8:00 am and began to fish shortly after. I positioned myself right below the vehicle bridge downstream about 150 feet ( Away from the big rocks) Needless to say the fishing was SLOW
    on the entire creek I managed to see 3 landed and 1 lost in the period of time from 8 am to 3:30 pm. I fished near the wire, by the vechile bridge, walked up to look at the mouth, all absolutely dead. I even walked up to the dam a couple times and only saw one red monster king swimming around. I did see one funny thing however, a guy managed to catch a seagull ... should have seen them grabbing it and taking the hook out of its beak, talk about funny.

    *I saw no jacks landed or fought contrary to reports I've been reading, all the fish landed were a good 20+lbs with the biggest looking right around 30.

    I feel confident next week the fishing will have gotten much much hotter, until then tight lines and happy fishing!


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    Nice report.

    Shoot me a PM if you planning on hitting the 6am next week. We should meet up.

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    Thumbs up Getting hotter ...

    Ship has picked up in a big way since late last week. Fished b/w the restaurant and the foot bridge from the opener until 7:15 or so. Saw at least six hook-ups -- unfortunately all foul-hooks as far as I could tell. Let loose one flip-n-ripper's rig from the tail of a beauty chromer, and of course he went right back to ripping. I called him out for snagging, but Ship being Ship, it didn't have much of an effect

    I hooked up around 7:00 right in front of the foot bridge pylons, but with the outgoing tide -- it was off to the races. Had to break him off before he could spool me.

    Anyway -- looks like this run is finally materializing!

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    Up from the bridge there was one hook up and one landed between 6-7. Not hot but they have to show up soon.


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