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    Fishing Report for the Central Kenai Peninsula for salmon, halibut and trout.

    As we enter the second full week in June, it is still quite evident that most things are still about a week behind normal. The water levels in the rivers are still quite low, the temperatures are still a bit chilly and the expected peaks of the run numbers haven't quite been realized.

    Nevertheless, this has been a great week of fishing on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. I have heard many reports of limit catches on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers with greater success on the lower Peninsula streams being realized.

    Kenai River

    The Kenai River early run king salmon continues to build with 5300 kings past the sonar as of June 8. The catch rate has been on the lower side of the scale however. This can be because of a multitude of conditions from low water or low temperatures or turbidity of the water. There have been many reports of limit catches over the last few days however. Fishing seems to be most productive between the Pillars and Eagle Rock.

    There have also been many reports of incidental sockeye catches on the lower river. These early run sockeye are destined for the Russian River and generally do not waste any time getting there. Bank fishing effort is miniscule and the fish are not necessarily in catchable numbers, however it is possible along the banks of Swiftwater Park above the bridge. There are also reports of red salmon at the Russian River. Fishing does not open until June 11, but I suspect it will open with great success.

    Kasilof River

    Good reports continue to be resounded from the Kasilof River, but there are still some up and down days. This week there have been some boats catching kings in the double digits, but there are getting fewer and fewer fin clipped fish. It is important to remember that fish with an adipose fin may only be retained on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On the other hand, the daily limit for king salmon on the Kasilof has been raised to 2 hatchery fish (or one hatchery and one native on native days) per day. The river is also becoming more and more crowded, particularly on native days.

    Cook Inlet

    The Cook Inlet halibut fishing continues to be great with fish sizes increasing as the season matures. The halibut are being found practically anywhere around areas with identifyable structure. These areas can be found less than 1 mile off shore out to more than 25 miles off shore. The daily limit for halibut in Cook inlet remains at 2 per person per day with no size restriction.

    The saltwater king salmon trolling on the other hand is beginning to wane. While there are still some fish to be had, the reports are coming in that it is becoming more and more difficult to connect with a saltwater king salmon. Traditionally, this run ends by the middle of June, as the majority of the early run fish have already reached their freshwater destinations. While not necessarily exploited, the saltwater fishing will improve again toward the end of June and into July as the late run fish make their way up the inlet.

    Area Lakes

    Most of the local area lakes continue to demonstrate great days on the water. The fish are still very aggressive and will strike flies, spinners or bait. Early in the morning or late evening, you can frequently see the resident fish literally launching 2-3 feet in the air to grab that unwary insect.

    A float tube is a great way to gain access to many of the local lakes and to reach the often times unreachable areas where the fish congregate. So often the fish will stage just beyond the reach of your cast. A float tube will once again give you that advantage.

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    Excellent report thank you for the info.

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    2nd that, thanks for the info and for your time in typing it.


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